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AER-S015/016/017 Aeons and Monuments - out of the…and into your own light, Helios, and Anthropos (Box Set)

AEONS AND MONUMENTS is a one-person Black Metal/Ambient/Drone band from the forests and mountains of Austria. Using a wide array of instruments and devices to blend the sonic landscapes of black metal with repetitive drones and calm, slowly developing ambient, AEONS AND MONUMENTS creates lush atmospheres that seek to explore the depths and transcend the borders of these genres.

These three releases combined form a meditation on different aspects of gnostic and occult themes concerning the physical manifestation of ideas. They also reflect on traditional occult and philosophical meanings and interpretations of the two triangles that form the Star of David.

Limited edition box set containing three transparent red cassettes in a white vinyl 3xCS album with a full-color insert, an eight-page A6-sized booklet with additional artwork, and three 1” buttons. Limited to 13 copies, with 10 available through AER.

A NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING PRICES: Unfortunately, the International shipping price for this set really is that high. The item itself weighs a little over eight ounces, which puts it over the cutoff for the first weight category. However, you can also add up to six more tapes to your order without any change in the shipping price.