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AER-S030 Cave Mouth - HEX

Cave Mouth is a musical project as haunting as it is beautiful, as minimalist as it is epic. Where literary musings meet a visceral soundscape invoking mythic visions and heartfelt fables.

Hex is the culmination of folk-lore horrors, misty forests, swamps, and hovels hidden in encapsulating darkness. It is the mystic landscapes of lore, whispering incantations and blood-penned books. We are here to cast circles, to tell tales, to invoke the old ones and sing to the moon. We are here to put a Hex on your Head.

Cave Mouth is the brainchild of Meghan Wood (Crown of Asteria) and writer Katie Metcalfe.

Gold shells in a clear case with a two-sided, three-panel j-card. Limited to 30 copies, with 20 available through AER. Each copy includes a broadside with the lyrics to one of the album's songs.

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